WELCOME – 2016

 JANUARY – The start of three hundred and sixty-five sun kissed mornings and starlit evenings, 52 weeks filled with potential, 12 months bursting with promise. This is the time to dream, to look forward to the year ahead and to journey within, to reflect on cherished memories and withdraw from the past. New beginnings beckon to replicate our life journey through vision, change and discovery. Come, let this New Year Weave her glorious spell. 

To all new learners, their parents and especially Grade 1’s, we trust that your association with our school will be a pleasant and mutually rewarding one. Welcome too, to all returning educators and learners. It’s important for learners to understand that serious application to work must begin immediately, as the school follows a policy of continuous assessment where all aspects of class and homework are evaluated.


Will be held on Friday 22 January. A letter with full details will be distributed on Monday. Please read it carefully. ATTENDANCE by all learners is compulsory. Parents are encouraged to attend, please come and support your children.


These were distributed to learners today. Please complete a separate form for each of your children and return to the class teacher no later than Friday 29 January. Please ensure that these are returned on time as I don’t want to issue detentions to learners for forms not returned on time.


Capex R33 062, computer related expenses R17 693, general admin expenses R6 518, kitchen supplies R1 577, Metro Services R54 136, hardware/maintenance/plumbing R2 901, printing R23 092, security R720, Senior Phase books R4 887, sports R2 800, swimming pool R6 320, toilets R2 042 and transport R3 284.


Summer Uniform

Boys: Grey shorts, blue short sleeved shirt with school badge, long grey socks, black lace up shoes. Jersey with school badge or tracksuit top (optional during summer).

Girls: School dress, white socks, black baby doll or t-bar shoes. Jersey with school badge or tracksuit top (optional during summer).

Tennis Uniform

Boys: Blue regulation board shorts, official golf shirt, white takkies, white socks, blue official school cap (optional)


The school fee tariff is R7 900 per learner per year.

Payment options are as follows:

  • School fees are due and payable annually in advance at the beginning of the year.


  • Ten equal instalments of R790 commencing January and ending October.

Failure to pay any single instalment by due date; will result in the full amount outstanding becoming due and payable immediately. Payments may be made in cash, by cheque or via electronic banking. The school’s banking details are as follows: Standard Bank, Northcliff, Current Account Number 002954494, Branch Code 006305. Please use your child’s fullname as reference.


Would those of you wishing to make a cash sponsorship donation (to assist indigent parents/learners to pay a portion of the 2014 school fees), please ensure that you indicate clearly on the cheque, deposit slip, Internet banking or envelope, that the amount is for SPONSORSHIP (SCHOOL FEES).

We thank the following parents/ businesses for their sponsorship:

  • Remax Masters for sponsoring and printing book covers for our learners.



Tennis Uniform

Girls: Navy skirt, official golf shirt, white takkies, white socks, blue official school cap (optional).

Cricket Uniform

Boys: Blue regulation board shorts, official golf shirt, soccer socks and white takkies. NO black, red, green, blue etc takkies allowed for cricket, netball or tennis. Footwear must be predominantly white. Blue regulation school peak cap – this is compulsory for cricket.

PE Uniform

Boys/Girls: House t-shirt, blue regulation board shorts, school costume.


As from Monday 1 February Grade 1s will finish school at 13:00. Until then they finish school at 12:00. I would also like to request that as from Monday 18 January parents refrain from going onto the corridor after the bell has gone, the same applies for the afternoon. Please remain standing on the grass. It causes disruption in the classes. Thank you for your co-operation.


Please note school will start at 7:30 EVERYDAY. Punctuality in the morning is essential for all learners. Grade 2s finish at 13:00 daily. Grade 3s finish at 13:30 Monday – Thursday and 13:00 on a Friday. Grade 4 – 7s finish at 14:00 on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and at 13:30 on a Wednesday and Friday.


A request to parents to please refrain from parking on the lawns of the houses surrounding the school, I do understand that parents are doing this in order to drop the Grade 1 learners in the mornings but please try as far as possible to park in the road. Thank you for your understanding. Your co-operation would be appreciated.


Tuesday 19 January

Grade 4 – 7: English

The Tuesday Group Test is very important as it makes up in Grade 4 –6, 30% and in Grade 7, 40% of the year mark. Learners must attend school on Tuesdays.


Would parents please forward payment of R1 200 to school by FRIDAY 22 JANUARY. Thank you for your co-operation.


Please note that the Bargain Bin will be open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:15 – 8:00 and a Wednesday afternoon from 13:00 – 14:00.


Each learner grades 4 – 7 is expected to bring 1 ream (500 sheets) of 80g white duplicating paper to school by the end of the week. Teachers will monitor the process of the class lists. Would parents please ensure that this is done.


Congratulations to the following learners who received academic awards at the end of 2015:

GRADE 1: Katelyn Ansell, Matthew De Klerk, Riley McGeer, Georgia Thackeray, Matthew Van Jaarsveldt, Matthew Booysen, Dean Kingsley, Oatile Mathibedi, Dharmika Naidoo, Carmen Smith, Caitlyn Chauvet, Daniella Goncalves, Dale Harlen, Nando Hlela, Jan-Hendrik Olivier, Amber Fauconier, Caleb Henenne, Neo Phakane, Jade Steyn and Bonolo Thotela. Top Achiever: Nandi Naledi Hlela.

GRADE 2: Matthew Burgess, Arwen Forsman, Zachary Koch, Katie Lesser, Nkosana Nkosi, Storm Brown, Godfrey Khuvutlu, Zenande Magopeni, Aditi Maharaj, Cloe Matthew, Ketsi Khunou, Teresha Nyar, Relebogile Seloko, Xolile Masuku, Channing Wasserman, Hannah Chisenga, Liel Naidoo, Taelyn Neveling, Joshua Rouquette and Zoe Salzwedel. Top Achiever: Hannah Chisenga.

GRADE 3: Danica Bradshaw, Kristen Leggett, Khanyisile Siluma, Caitlyn Smith, Connor Stokoe, Jordan Abraham, Jenna Dennis, Erin Gilbert, Tiyah Hurribunce, Gabriella Puzey, Isabella Jones, Skyla Koch, Tiyanna Marinheiro, Shruti Singh, Marc Smith, Kamangu Chipowe, Dominic De Billot, Elijah Meyer, Natasha Moyo and Kiyana Seyedbagheri. Top Achiever: Isabella Jones.

GRADE 4: Aimee Young, Kelly Anderssen, Jessica Hodgson, Thomas Anderssen, Cian Hoban, Lake Moodley, Keaton Armstrong, Mikayla Rahme, Jason Gaskin, Loren Willis, Tyla Mitchell, Gareth O’Neill, Rachel Bibb, Liyah Doyle, Caitlin Smith, Ezekiel Thomas, Rachel Du Plessis, Bailey Matthew, Arya Gareeb, Khanyisile Mpofu.

GRADE 5: Rhys Meyer, Cody Tebbutt, Heinz Klingenberg, Caley Fauconier, Shannon Chisanga, Ethan Wilke, Kemaiya Govender, Aanwen Crompton, Genevieve De Billot, Sudhir Ajodhya, Tyne Rouquette, Marco Paximadis, Thabiso Naka, Declan Hugo, Tinotenda Marimira, Kieran Miller, Anthony Naude, Tyla Wright, Rhys Potter, Zanokuhle Myeni.

GRADE 6: Moniques Nieuwenhuizen, Kimishca Naidoo, Camaryn Moussa, Siddhi Singh, Rasika Murugan, Elizabeth Meyer, Sharzia Nana, Gareth Marsden, Dean Ramsay, Daisy Ndebele, Tanya Freese, Timiah Vather, Terrence Broomberg, Jonathan Chisenga, Isabella Smith, Jordan Du Plessis, Hannah Desmet, Kristan Nyar, Brydon Anderson and Lerise Kaldenberg.

GRADE 7: Michael Burgess, Jenna Van Niekerk, Prashanthi Naidoo, Starrion Fenn, Robyn Clark, Katherine Collier, Kyra Wilke, Hayden Millard, Letlhogonolo Bianca Liebenberg, Daniell Van Der Merwe, Suzette Klingenberg, Denae Naidoo, Sarah Stanton, Yasmin Soror, Ngiyabonga Manana, Christy Martin, Chad Elliot, Bryan Mashiri, Cole Watters and Kamohelo Maphiri.

English: 1st Jade Benney, 2nd Robyn Clark. Afrikaans: 1st Michael Burgess, 2nd Suzette Klingenberg. Mathematics: 1st Michael Burgess, 2nd Chad Elliot. Natural Science: 1st Cole Watters, 2nd Michael Burgess. EMS: 1st Michael Burgess, 2nd Starrion Fenn.  Creative Arts: 1st Starrion Fenn, 2nd Michael Burgess.  Life Orientation: 1st Michael Burgess, 2nd Chad Elliot. Social Sciences: 1st Michael Burgess, 2nd Dylan Lloyd. Technology: 1st Jenna Van Niekerk, 2nd Cole Watters.  

DUX SCHOLAR: Michael Burgess.

SUMMIT TROPHY: Retlametswe Moilwa.


Congratulations to the following Grade 7 learners who have been selected as prefects for this year.

Bilal Alli, Jessica Ansell, Terrence Broomberg, Jonathan Chisenga, Hannah Desmet, Bailey Garland, Jaden Govender, Sarah Govender, Kishan Hargovan, Michaela Hendrikz, Patrick Hoban, Samantha Jacobs, Lerise Kaldenberg, Sanasha Kandier, Ciara Lee, Daegan Mangaroo, Gareth Marsden, Jade Martins, Erin Meredith, Elizabeth Meyer, Camaryn Moussa, Keanu Muller, Rasika Murugan, Kimishca Naidoo, Sharzia Nana, Daisy Ndebele, Monique Nieuwenhuizen, Kristan Nyar, Saskia Pan, Dean Ramsay, Siddhi Singh, Isabella Smith, Timiah Vather and Liam Walters.


Will be held during the next two weeks. Dates and times are as follows:

  • Grade 1 Wednesday 20 January – 18:00
  • Grade 2 Thursday 28 January – 18:00
  • Grade 3 Wednesday 27 January – 18:00
  • Grade 4 Tuesday 26 January – 18:00
  • Grade 5 Wednesday 20 January – 18:00
  • Grade 6 Thursday 21 January – 18:00
  • Grade 7 Tuesday 19 January – 18:00
Randpark Primary School